Spinning EnergyBike and voltage stabilization station


Recently, in the offer appeared a new model of Energybike – a spinning bike (stationary).



It is a spinning bike adapted to generate electricity using a device called a generator module – Eco-generator. This module is mounted above the flywheel of the bicycle.

The offer also includes a bicycle in a housing.

The kit includes:

  •  Spinning bike
  •  Eco-generating module generator
  • cabling


Here are the main features of this set:

  • total weight of about 50 kg
  • flywheel 18 kg
  • maximum user weight: 120 kg
  • dimensions: 115 x 49 x 115 cm
  • adjustable saddle horizontally and vertically
  • metal pedals with toe
  • adjustable steering wheel
  • castors
  • manual adjustment of resistance (in addition to the resistance produced by the generator)
  • eco-generating module generator – DC generator 300W, housing color black, non-stabilized output (connecting to battery charge controller, power inverter station, or grid tie inverter). This module is mounted on the flywheel of the spinning bike.


What devices and attractions can be powered by training on an EnergySpinningbike?

  • slow juicer
  • blender for the production of cocktails
  • phone charging panel
  • educational light bulb panel
  • energy station
  • TV
  • game EnergyBird

Additional information

Weight 40 kg

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