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The bicycle powered cinema.

Uses energy generated from 20 bicycles.

Indoor and outdoor.

EnergyBike in Okrasa show!

Use your bike to generate electricity while stationary pedaling – a backup power source in case of power outages or breakdowns.

The trainer used in the set is equipped with efficient modular drive belt. See details:

EnergyBike is a device that allows you to produce electricity using a bicycle

We offer  spinning and traditional EnergyBike. The first one is a training bike adapted to the production of electricity. And the second is a regular bike, which we attach to the trainer equipped with a generator

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ENERGYBIKE is a device capable of producing electric power during stationary cycling. It is possible both outdoors and the room spinning, in the comfort of your home and in public, alone or in a group. The kits are composed of traditional bikes and spinning bikes. Effects of training can be additionally measured and displayed by a sophisticated system of Eco-Meter measuring the amount of energy produced. Energybike set is modular and offers many possibilities of configuration and expansion.

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System Eco-Meter allows you to display a rider’s instantaneous power output on the screen. It measures cyclist’s instantaneous power production,  generated energy (total generated energy) and time of training. It allows you to display the data on a small screen mounted on the steering wheel. The results are stored on memory cards. At any given time you can display the current results. Using a suitable program, we can read the date and time for the system and the outcome of what was then achieved. In addition, we have created the function of wireless transmission of data to the so-called „central” (small computer) and from there back on a large screen. The screen may be a single (for one Energybike) or bulk (up to 20 users simultaneously). Summary screen with a summary of the results of all users is very useful during events based on competition. We have also created the possibility of aggregation of results from several Energybikes and displaying them on the big screen. This applies particularly to integration events, during which participants must reach predeterminated target or generate a predetermined amount of energy. Then the energy produced by each Energybikes is summarized and upon reaching the target on the screen displays the information that score has been completed. This is a great opportunity to show eg. the logo of the sponsor or organizer.

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    Watt – is a unit of power, which is a physical quantity determining the work done per unit of time by the physical system.

    Watt-hour – is a unit of energy. It is equivalent to the energy consumed by the system with a power of 1 watt, continuously operated for 1 hour.

    For the purposes of understanding the possibilities set Energybike you can use the following examples.

    The difference between Watts (power unit) and Watt-hour (unit of energy): when during pedaling we produce 1 Watt of power, and we will be pedaling for an hour, we will generate 1 Watt-hour of energy. If we produce 100 Watts of power, after one hour we will generate 100 Watt-hours.
    An adult can produce from 40 to 350 Watts, depending on the strength and fitness. The power produced by an average user usually ranges between  50 to 200 Watts. Let’s suppose that you generate 100 Watts while pedaling. In practice, this means that you would be able to power on a regular basis, while pedaling, eg. small 100 Watts tv receiver. The electric device would work only during cycling. After the cessation of pedaling power supply would be interrupted. Set Energybike can store the power in the battery (power station). Then, after two hours of cycling with  instantaneous power output of 200 Watts we will be able to store 200 Watt-hours of energy (100 Watts x 2 hours = 200 Wh).


    The energy generated during training can be:


       consumed on a regular basis using a processing station voltage to power electrical equipment;
    accumulated in a power station and used after the completion of training;
    transmitted on a regular basis to the electrical system of the building by means of inverter networ

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For several years our company has been participating  integration events for schools, local governments, non-governmental organizations, public institutions and private companies.

In short, EnergyBike is for everyone who:

  • wants to secure himself and his family at least a minimum of independence and energy security for times of crisis, international tensions, natural disasters or other disasters
  • wants to take care of  physical condition and to do something useful and motivating
  • wants to look after the environment by promoting healthy, renewable sources of electricity
  • wants to reduce electricity expenses

We are the only manufacturer of this type of equipment in Poland and in Europe. We invite you to cooperate!

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