Eco-meter system


System Eco-Meter – monitoring and visualizating power and energy.


The Eco-Meter allows you to measure and track-to-date operating parameters Energybike (instantaneous power, total generated energy, workout time), and display the data on the handheld screen. In addition, information can be transmitted wirelessly to the control unit (small computer) and from there on a large screen, individual or collective (up to 20 users simultaneously) and sent to the main server for archiving and further dissemination.

Key features of the Eco-Meter:

  •  measurement of instantaneous power, total generated energy and time
  • recording parameters on the memory card
  • the ability to identify users using magnetic cards
  • display of parameters (power, energy and time) on the small screen mounted on the steering wheel Energybike
  • wireless data transfer to the central unit, which can be displayed on a large screen collecting and forwarded to the server
  • access to information via the website – view your workout history, instantaneous power (updated every 0.5 seconds), total generated energy, drafting comparisons, setting individual goals
  • for schools, fitness clubs and other groups: administrative account to manage users, preparation of summaries, comparisons, organizing competitions and view statistics.
  • modularity of the system – there are various configurations to suit user requirements: the meter, the display and control unit, measure and display the meter and the control unit
  • ability to combine multiple meters in a group and collective display the results on the big screen

Who is the system addressed to?

  • to schools and fitness clubs – with personalized RFID cards, it is possible to collect data on energy produced on individual accounts of users (students, club members), the production of statistics, to observe the results of training, organizing competitions and competition
  •  to the foundation, social organizations and other groups that would like to have a simple and reliable system for measuring and visualizing the generated energy, promote environmental awareness and responsible energy management;
  • for individuals interested in the measurement of the generated energy

The price includes a starter kit:

  • 1 central
  • 1 meter
  • wiring

You can set any configuration. Any additional meter is 629 USD.

Technical parameters:

  • measurement of voltage: 4-60V DC
  •  measurement of the intensity 1-30
  • power measurement: 1-350 In
  • power meters and small screens directly from energoroweru
  • power control unit – directly from Energybike or from external USB 2A, 230 V (to support the results – start the control unit takes about 50 seconds)
  • the ability to modify the look of any screen, add your logo, change the layout, etc.
  • the possibility of cooperation with other sources of DC than Energybike


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

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