2 lines slotcars car track powered by EneryBike



For children and adolescents, we recommend the Scalextric track, powered by two EnergyBikes. The car track is 12 meters long and two cars race on it.  Each bike powers one car. The faster you ride the bike, the faster car moves on the track. As in a traditional car racing, the whole thing is to adjust the speed of the vehicle so that it does not fall out of the track. When driving fast, the cars fall off the track – it is an element of fun that can be controlled by the appropriate driving style. The fun takes place with the help of an animator who comments on races  and controls the queue.

The set we offer includes:

  • 2 Standard Energy Bikes (trainers and bicycles), with wheels with a diameter of 24 inches – it is a universal size, both for children, adolescents and adults;
  • 2-line car track, 2.3 m long, 1.8 m wide, electronic lap counter, power section;
  • 2 cars and 4 spare cars, 6 spare brushes;
  • 2 regular power cables and 2 spare cables;
  • roadsides and gangs;
  • checkered tablecloth;
  • 4 tables;
  • 2 pit stops, 1 stand;