The heart of the current extended system is a bicycle power system that gives the possibility of connecting 20 EnergyBikes stations. These are docking stations, equipped with a direct current generator with a maximum power of 250 watts, on which we put ordinary bicycles. With their help, we power the device with a total power of up to 1500 watts. It is a kind of power adder that consists of a charging regulator and a small 12V accumulator serving as a buffer that accumulates energy generated by all 20 EnergyBikes. A 12VDC-230VAC sine-wave converter is connected to the battery, which allows power to be used on the projector, coffee machine or other devices. The system is equipped with the possibility of connecting to external large batteries and / or a conventional electricity network and in this way replenishing the lacking power when cyclists are tired or just change on bicycles. All this is housed in a special box on wheels.



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