The idea of a bicycle cinema is that it produces electricity for the cinema itself. The cinema needs several devices to operate efficiently: a projector, a sound system. When twenty participants of the event start pedaling on stationary bikes, they generate the energy needed for sound and image. The Bicycle Cinema makes it possible to experience what it means to generate electricity with own muscle power and at the same time makes climate protection and mobility a central theme. 

Our bicycle-powered cinema is 100% human powered and completely off-grid. All the electricity for the performance is produced by the cyclists. On the special demand we can provide back-up power sources. Thanks to this solution, the projection will not be interrupted even when the participants start to lose strength or when changing people pedaling on bicycles

Our power supply system give the possibility of connecting 20 EnergyBike stations. These can be spinning/stationary EnergyBikes or docking stations (trainers) on which we put participant’s or city bikes. With their help, we can power devices with a total power of up to 1500 watts: projector, sound system.

We also provide a system that displays on the TV screen the amount of energy produced by each participant separately and the sum of energy from the beginning of the session. We place the TV in front of pedaling people so that they can see how much electricity they produce – it gives motivation and satisfaction. It also allows recipients to realize what effort is needed to power electrical devices.

  • Suitable for audiences of 150+ people.
  • Projector 5k lumen
  • Powered by 20 bicycles suitable for adults and children more than 5 years old
  • Screen:  inflatable airtight Airscreen, 7,30 m x 4,96 m (projection area: 6,38 m x 3,58 m).
  • TV screen to display parameters for audience feedback
  • Outdoor & Indoor





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