Big mobile energy station


We offer a large energy station, in other words, portable power source 230 (exactly as in a home outlet).


If you need electricity in a place where there is no power line or in the event of failure – the device should meet your expectations.

Device parameters:

– 12V battery fully gel with a capacity of 110 Ah (in the stored energy)

– 12 VDC converter for 230 VAC continuous power of 800 Watts (can convert 12-volt DC battery voltage variable (pure sine) 230 V -thanks ago offered substation can power any electrical equipment with a total capacity not exceeding 800W

– Aesthetic and durable plastic casing equipped with wheels, handles and telescopic handle for easy transport

– Input / output – 2 input jacks provided with regulating systems for connecting external battery charging voltage of 12V and current of each max.25A (eg. Energorower also our production, solar panel, a small windmill); appropriate cables with connectors, network charger with charge sensor.

What can be the use of a portable power station?

– the power source for the plot, the events in the outdoors, where you need is a 230V power supply with a relatively high power – advantage of our power station is that it is quiet.

– uninterruptible power supply in situations when there is no electricity – disasters, failures, natural disasters, etc.

– ecological shows, competitions, events (see tab page „shows, evevty”)

The most important features:

– about 1,300 watt-hours of energy stored in the battery – it means that the user can connect the unit to 130 watts for about 10 hours, or 520 watts for about 2.5 hours

– weight kg około40

– dimensions 670 x 420 x 400mm

Optionally, you can install the station:

– USB port for charging mobile devices

– stabilized cigarette lighter provide power 12V devices

– energy meter connected to the computer and enables real-time monitoring parameters charging from external sources or eg. The quantity produced watts, watt, amps, etc. – Ideal during competitions.

– additional inputs for EnergoRowerów or solar panels

– battery with a larger capacity – eg. 200 Ah, possibly combining multiple stations in one with greater capacity

– converter for higher power – eg. 2000 W continuous power.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

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