EnergyRower und voltage stabilization station


This is a rowing machine adapted to generate electricity.


A rowing machine is probably a well-known exercise device, on which we imitate the movements performed during rowing. Training on the rowing machine strengthens the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back, and also allows you to strengthen your legs. Our Power Rowing Machine has been adapted to generate electricity using a generator unit driven by a special modular V-belt. While training on the device, we generate electricity at the same time, thanks to which we can power various devices. The special design of the device engages the whole body in training. Thanks to this structure, it is possible to obtain a high energy expenditure – even 15 kcal / min. and users are able to generate around 30-40% more electricity than when training on a standard spinning bike.

What devices and attractions can be powered by training on an EnergyRower?

  • slow juicer
  • blender for the production of cocktails
  • phone charging panel
  • educational light bulb panel
  • energy station
  • TV
  • game EnergyBird