Educational Bulb Panel



Educational bulb panel – this device is our special – order product. It is a set of several types of bulbs fulfilling an educational function in the field of the amount of electricity consumed in an elegant, portable and handy suitcase. It consists of 3 types of light bulbs: LED, compact and ordinary incandescent – arranged with columns of 4 pieces. Above the columns of bulbs there is a display indicating the number of watts produced. Inflammation of all incandescent bulbs requires more and more force from the pedal, in proportion to the amount of energy consumed by a particular type of fluorescent lamps. This device has two operating modes. The first mode, during which the faster the pedals – the more bulbs light up. The second mode, during which the bulbs gradually light up themselves and the pedaling person is gradually loaded by the device – he feels more and more resistance to pedaling as when approaching a hill. Both modes allow people cycling to visualize the effort and work that is needed to power various bulbs. In addition to the educational value of the device has the advantage that it can be used in organizing endurance or strength competitions among children and adolescents.

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