EnergyBike and blender


Coctail blender powered directly from EnergyBike!


We offer a set consisting of spinning EnergyBike and blender. The blender is powered directly from EnergyBike. This set is used on promotional campaigns, events, integration events, family festivities and many other types of events.

What is it about?

A person pedaling on a bicycle generates energy which, thanks to a special module mounted on a bicycle, is converted into electricity and supplies electric equipment. The housing has a standard 230V electric socket for powering electrical appliances, in this case a cocktail blender. EnergyBike can be used by almost any age group, children from 6 years, youth, adults and the elderly. Blender delivers a beverage full of nutritional values ​​and the awareness that the energy necessary for its production has been generated thanks to the strength of its own muscles is a source of additional satisfaction. Our offer will provide you with a great form of promotion and advertising, as it is an attraction for entire families, attracts attention due to its unusual nature and innovation. At the same time fits into a healthy and ecological lifestyle.

An additional advantage of our system is the fact that it can be placed virtually anywhere. In a closed room and outdoors.

The set consists of:

  • spinning EnergyBike
  • cabling
  • blender

In this set, instead of the EnergyBike, it is possible to use other fitness equipment producing electricity, such as: EnergyRower, EnergyAirbike. Please ask for the price of such a set.