Energybike with desktop for laptop and phone charging


A set consisting of stationary energy bike and a table top with a phone, laptop and other mobile devices charger.


A set consisting of stationary energy bike and a table top with a phone, laptop and other mobile devices charger.
The current needed to charge phones, laptops and other mobile devices (tablets, cameras, powerbanks, portable game consoles, MP3 players, GPS receivers, wearable watches, portable speakers, wireless headphones, etc.) is produced directly when pedaling on our stationary bicycle. What distinguishes this set from a similar equipped with a desktop to load phones is – 230V socket for charging a laptop and a larger desktop on which you can place a laptop while charging.
A convenient table top is mounted on a bicycle steering and equipped with a wireless (inductive)  charger, a set of reinforced charging cables with popular tips (older iPhone, newer iPhone, USB-C, MICO USB, mini USB), 2 free USB sockets, display showing currently produced Power and a total generated energy, phone holder, tablet support, cup holder. Under the counter there is a handy shelf and a 230V socket to connect a laptop.
With this set you can charge several devices at the same time – eg a laptop, phone and camera. You can pedal and charge the laptop and at the same time watching the movie on it (eg NetFlix) or listening to music (eg YouTube). There is a possibility of additional branding and frame painting and housing for any color from the RAL palette
The set includes:
• Stationary bike with a generator (Energybike)
• Desk for charging phones and laptops
• 230V stabilizer and inverter
• Wiring
• shopping centers
• Airports, stations
• Schools, colleges
• Leisure zones in companies and hotels
• Other Public Places
Here are the main features of this set:
• Total weight about 60 kg
• 18 kg flywheel
• Maximum user weight: 130 kg
• Dimensions: 115 x 60 x 115 cm
• Safe freewheel
• Transport rollers
• EKO-generator – generator module with a maximum power 300W, black housing, this module is mounted on a stationary bike flywheel
• Desktop, equipped with a set of 5 cables: 1 tip 30 pin – older Apple devices, 1 tip 8 pin – newer apple devices, 1 micro usb tip, 1 mini USB and 1 USB-C tip, 2 free sockets USB 2A, inductive / wireless charger, meter and power display, voltage, amperage and total energy, adjustable phone holder, tablet stand, cup holder
• Shelf covered with non-slip material with a 230V socket (stabilizer and 500w converter pure sinus which guarantees secure laptop charging).
It is worth emphasizing that all energy is produced during pedaling – it is not stored or supplemented with an external socket. Our Energybike does not need any additional source of energy – it is completely self-sufficient and can be set wherever there is no access to electricity. Just get on the bike and start pedaling – and our phone or laptop will start to charge immediately.
Below the promotional poem:
When boredom
or when the current is missing
When the energy is displaced
but the condition is descended
I jump on Energybike
And I say it’s right with you
In blink my laptop follows
and the phone speaks with poems
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