4 lines Slot Cars car track powered by EnergyBikes



Scalextric Sport track 4 lane powered by 4 energy bikes, event eco attraction, Ultimate scalextric set, everything you need

Great addition to your hire fleet!

Each Energybike powers one car. The faster a person pedals on the bike, the faster car moves on the track. As in a traditional car racing, the whole thing is to adjust the speed of the vehicle so that it does not fall out of the track. So not only fast pedaling is necessary but also experience, agility and knowing the track is the key! For additional fun and competition – electronic timing system displaying real time results on LED screen. Before the start of the competition the system counts down the time and gives loud signal to start, then counts the time and laps fort each car, displays the results to the nearest thousandth of a second (three decimal places). Our track is a source of entertainment for every age group, from children to adults. Additionally we offer figures and buildings that imitate the scenery straight from the real autodrome: pit-stop, mechanics, referees with flags, hostesses and audiences, tribunes, bridges and control towers.

You are buying brand new complete set – everything you need to start business. Whole track set is carefully thought out, hand assembled and tested. When everything is ready we will securely ship whole set to your address together with printed manual.

For European customers – it is possible we will transport whole Set with our company truck, make live demonstration and training for you or your employees (for low additional price).

Our Scalextric bike powered track was thoroughly tested during countless events across Poland and other EU countries. It is really great entertainment for everyone and makes great fitness and eco activity too!

Here is what is included with the set:

  • Electronic timing system that measures the lap time down to the .001 of a second (perfect for fierce competition)
  • Laptop with professional licensed computer software for coordinating races
  • 46’’ LED TV on tripod for real time displaying lap times and other data + flight case for safe transport
  • 4x Energy Bikes (4 traditional bikes and 4 trainers with DC generators) working as live controllers + 8 connecting cables
  • over 40 meters of tracks
  • 20 analog cars
  • 4 foldable tables (total track dimensions 5×1,5 meters)
  • Checkered table cloth
  • 4 Scenery elements + 10 spectators figures
  • 4 transport boxes
  • Spare parts

All lanes, bikes and timing TV display system are color coded for easy recognition. All tracks are numbered for easy assembly/disassembly.

You can watch our track in action: