Energy SkiTrainer and voltage stabilization station


It is a ski-trainer adapted to produce electricity.


Ski trainer – is a device from the fitness series, which is perfect for fitness clubs, home gyms and training rooms. During training, 80% of the muscles of the entire body are involved – back, cancer, buttocks and legs. It also allows you to work on condition, strength, stabilization and motor coordination. EnergySkiTrainer has been adapted to generate electricity using a generator module – driven by a special modular V-belt. While training on the device we generate electricity and we can power devices.

What devices and attractions can be powered by training on an Energy Ski Trainer?

  • slow juicer
  • blender for the production of cocktails
  • phone charging panel
  • educational light bulb panel
  • energy station
  • TV
  • game EnergyBird