An LED screen is a fantastic way to make your company’s name and logo stand out from the crowd. The high level of illumination makes the graphics and inscriptions visible also in daylight. An additional attraction is the fact that our display is powered by EnergyBike (we have the option of connecting 1 or 3 bikes). The LED screen is colorful – it has colors from the RGB palette and has the ability to upload any subtitles and graphics at a resolution of 192×48.

When the participants of the event start pedaling on EnergyBike, they light up the screen.

Powering the screen with bicycles gives you the opportunity to introduce additional effects:

  1. The harder the participants pedal, the brighter the screen shines
  2. The graphics are displayed gradually (from bottom to top, left to right, etc.) as the pedaling force increases
  3. We can divide the screen into 3 parts, and each of them can be powered by a different bike, which gives the opportunity for teamwork
    Screen size: 200 cm x 50 cm

Screen size: 200 cm x 50 cm.

Therefore, we encourage you to rent a diode screen powered by bicycles for events – both outdoors and indoors. It will make your company’s logo or slogan noticed and memorable for the participants of the event.


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