The plastic bottle (PET) shredder powered by EnergyBike, is a device that fits into the ecological lifestyle trend. Nowadays, when the utilization of plastics is becoming a global problem, it is important to be able to process plastic waste at least on a small scale. Thanks to the shredder, plastic bottles and other plastic containers can be ground into small pieces, and then given a thermal treatment to create raw material for secondary use. For example, a filament for a 3D printer. Pedaling on an EnergyBike produces the energy needed to power the device. The cover and hopper of the shredder are made of transparent polycarbonate so that we can watch how a bottle gets between the blades and is cut into small pieces. During events, our shredder is very popular. Just get on the bike, start riding and watch the effects of your workout! It is an endless source of satisfaction and good fun for participants of our events.

We offer the following fitness devices adapted to the production of electricity: spinning bikes, airbikes, oarsman. These devices can power the presented attraction.

Airbike workout:



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