Bike generator set


Use your bike to generate electricity while stationary pedaling – a backup power source in case of power outages or breakdowns.


Use your bike to generate electricity while stationary pedaling – a backup power source in case of power outages or breakdowns. You can generate electric energy whenever and wherever you need it! Independent energy source – weather conditions, time of day or place – nothing can stop you from producing clean energy!


Set consists of:

  • a trainer equipped with a 300 Watts DC permanent magnet generator
  • modular drive belt fitted on the tire
  • a small power station that houses a super efficient 12V DC voltage stabilizer
  • display showing the parameters of the generated current (voltage, current, power, energy)
  • 12VDC/230 VAC voltage converter
  • charge controler
  • 2 USB sockets
  • 1 car cigarette lighter socket
  • 1 socket for connecting the 230 inverter or the battery charging regulator
  • cable

(Bike not included)

The trainer used in the set is equipped with a modular drive belt. Innovative power transmission through modular drive is much more efficient than a traditional pressure roller trainer. An additional advantage is easy and quick assembly and disassembly of the belt – without removing the bike wheel or tire. Just unfasten the belt and place it on the rear tire and roller on the back of the trainer. When disassembling, unfasten and remove the belt. The power station with display is small, aesthetic and functional. You can mount the power station on a bike handlebar or place it nearby – on a desk, table etc. and constantly check your power and energy output on lcd screen. Power station is equipped with power input and output as well as USB sockets. The cables are equipped with speakon plugs.

Thanks to this universal set you can power directly various kinds of 12V DC like car cigarette lighter socket, tv/radio set and other car gadgets and 5V (USB) appliances – such as telephones, tablets. It is possible to power several devices at the same time – e.g. charging the phone via USB and powering the TV from a 12VDC car lighter socket.

Connect your 12 VDC/230VAC converter to power ordinary home appliances up to approx. 200 watts of power  TV, laptop, radio, small household appliances, lights.

Connect the charging regulator and the battery –  so you can also store energy for later use and power devices with higher power consumption – e.g. water heaters, a computer, a fridge, etc.


Technical Specifications:

  • 300 watt DC generator, unstable voltage in the range of 0-50V DC depending on pedaling speed
  • 12V DC stabilizer, 350 watts, input range 14-60 VDC, outputs: USB 2A, USB C PD 3A, stabilized car lighter 20A, stabilized speakon 20A, unstable speakon 20A, voltage, current, power and energy meter with display
  • power supply station (voltage stabilizer) equipped with USB C PD sockets and standard USB sockets for charging phones and tablets, 12V DC car cigarette lighter socket, display showing currently generated power and total generated energy, 2 additional outputs (unstabilized for connecting e.g. battery charging regulator and stabilized 12V DC for connecting e.g. 230V AC converter)
  • universal trainer – fits any wheel size and tire (24-29 inches)
  • modular drive belt applied directly to the tire
  • set weight – 12 kg
  • dimensions of a bike generator set 50 x 60 x 25 cm
  • quick release for the rear axle of a bike

For example, by charging the battery and pedaling with about 70 watts of power (then we feel resistance on the pedals as during ordinary cycling on a flat surface) for an hour we will generate 70 Wh (watt hours) of energy. If we pedal with a power of about 150 watts (it is as if we were riding under a steep hill – the average person can pedal for a few minutes) then we will produce 150 Wh for an hour. However, e.g. a 100 watts TV will need 100 Wh to operate for 1 hour. The 300 watts heater will use 150Wh of energy for ½ hour, and the 1000 watts electric kettle will work for about 6 minutes thanks to the accumulated energy of 150 Wh.


In the attached photos you can see how with this set and our bikes:

  • we charge the phone (10 watts – USB C socket)
  • we charge the phone with an induction charger (10 watts – USB socket)
  • we power the LED lamp (50 watts – 12V stabilized output + 230V converter)
  • we power the LED projector (150 watts – 12V stabilized output + 230V converter)
  • we charge batteries (30-200 watts – unstable output + charging regulator)
  • we power the PET bottle shredder (120 watts – unstable output)

Additional information

Weight 20 kg