System Eco-Meter allows you to display a rider’s instantaneous power output on the screen.

It measures cyclist’s instantaneous power production,  generated energy (total generated energy) and time of training. It allows you to display the data on a small screen mounted on the steering wheel. The results are stored on memory cards. At any given time you can display the current results. Using a suitable program, we can read the date and time for the system and the outcome of what was then achieved. However, these data are not personalized. If additionally you apply personalized RFID cards, it will create the opportunity to identify each user (or also groups of users, if the card will be assigned to the whole class or a team) and check, even after a long time, when and how much energy was produced by particular user (or group of users). In addition, we have created the function of wireless transmission of data to the so-called „central” (small computer) and from there back on a large screen. The screen may be a single (for one Energybike) or bulk (up to 20 users simultaneously). Summary screen with a summary of the results of all users is very useful during events based on competition. We have also created the possibility of aggregation of results from several Energybikes and displaying them on the big screen. This applies particularly to integration events, during which participants must reach predeterminated target or generate a predetermined amount of energy. Then the energy produced by each Energybikes is summarized and upon reaching the target on the screen displays the information that score has been completed. This is a great opportunity to show eg. the logo of the sponsor or organizer. The central unit also has the ability to transmit data to the main server for archiving and further sharing of information. Thanks to  this solution, users can check and compare their achievements with other participants during the workout and also at the of the training end come back to them at any time through the website. It is useful for fitness clubs, schools and other group customers who intend to use the system Eco-Meter in a long time.



  • measurement of the instantaneous power (in watts), total generated energy (watt-hours) and time
    recording parameters on the memory card
  • the ability to identify users by means of RFID cards
  • display parameters (power, energy and time) on the small screen mounted on the steering wheel EnergoRoweru
  • Wireless data transfer to the control unit, which can be displayed on a large screen collecting and forwarded to the server
  • access to data through the website – view your workout history, instantaneous power (updated every 0.5 seconds), total generated energy, drafting comparisons, setting individual goals
  • for schools, fitness clubs and other groups: administrative account to manage users, preparation of summaries, comparisons, organizing competitions and view statistics
  • modularity of the system – there are various configurations to suit user requirements: the meter, the display and control unit, measure and display the meter and the control unit
  • ability to combine multiple meters in a group and collective display the results on the big screen


  • schools and fitness clubs – with RFID cards, it is possible to collect data on energy produced on individual accounts of users (students, club members), the production of statistics, to observe the results of training, organizing competitions and competition
  • organizers integration events and family picnics, who want to ensure that participants entertained, and at the same time motivate them to teamwork and to the aim of joining forces
  • for foundations, social organizations and other groups that would like to have a simple and reliable system for measuring and visualizing the generated energy, promote environmental awareness and responsible energy management
  • for individuals interested in the measurement of the generated power and energy

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