We would like to introduce you to our new product, 4 lines Scalextric track. 4 cars racing on the track are powered by Energybikes. Each Energybike powers one car. The faster you ride the bike, the faster car moves on the track. As in a traditional car racing, the whole thing is to adjust the speed of the vehicle so that it does not fall out of the track. For additional fun and competition – electronic timing system displayed on big screen. Before the start of the competition the system counts down the time and gives a beep to start, then counts the time and laps, displays the results to the nearest thousandth of a second (three decimal places). Our track is a source of entertainment for every age group, from children to mature people. Additionally we offer figures and buildings that imitate the scenery straight from the real autodrome: pit-stop, mechanics, referees with flags, hostesses and audiences, tribunes, bridges and control towers.





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