Desktop to charge phones and other mobile devices while riding EnergyBike. The power supply is entirely thanks to DC generator (safe voltage 12V DC) driven by pedaling. The panel is installed on the handlebars. The desktop is equipped with a wireless (induction) charger, 2 sets of reinforced charging cables with popular terminals (older Iphone, newer Iphone, USB-C, micro USB, mini USB), 2 free USB sockets, display showing currently produced power and total generated energy. You can charge several devices at the same time!

It is possible to extend the desktop with additional cable sets, it is possible to install an additional shelf for charging laptops equipped with a 230 V converter also powered directly by EnergyBike.


We offer the following fitness devices adapted to the production of electricity: spinning bikes, airbikes, ski trainers, hand bikes, oarsman. These devices can power the presented attraction.

Airbike workout:




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