In order to facilitate the charging of mobile phones and tablets in public places where there is often no access to a free socket and the appropriate cables, we have prepared a special desktop to charge these devices while riding EnergyBike. The panel is installed on the handlebars. The desktop contains the following connectors: apple lightning, micro USB, mini USB, Apple 30-pin connector and a free USB 5V 2A. In addition, there is a small display screen to show the amount of electricity produced. You can install additional shelves with socket for charging laptops. Users can put their phone / tablet on the shelf in front of them  and start pedaling to charge it. EnergyBike desktop  may be permanently installed in public places such as shopping malls, city centers, fitness clubs, offices, railway stations, airports, schools and others. It is perfect in emergency situations, when you urgently need to charge the phone: during travel, workout or shopping.






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