While riding a stationary bike, the Eco-Meter system allows you to measure the following parameters:

  • power in watts
  • amount of energy in watt hours
  • speed in kilometers per hour
  • distance in kilometers
  • amount of calories burned

The results are displayed on the TV screen. For the needs of the customer, we can create individually graphics, containing e.g. logo of your company. You can combine a number of EnergyBikes stations and implement different fan scenarios.

We recommend the following variants to our clients:


You can face yourself and wit opponents. We set the time counter in the system for e.g. two minutes. After two minutes, the system will stop and show the resultthat you have achieved. The winner is the one who produced the most energy in the given time. The number of participants and positions is optional from 1 to 6.


The purpose of the game is to charge the “battery” as soon as possible by each of the teams participating in the game. “Battery” is graphics displayed on the monitor with the set amount of energy to be produced, e.g. 10 watt hours. The team that wins full the battery together in the shortest time. Number of participants from 2-6. The ability to customize graphics for the needs of your company to fit into the culture of your organization. At least two EnergyBike stations are needed to implement this scenario.

Team-building scenario

The scenario of this game is based on the idea of ​​cooperation in a group, creates a sense of unity of a given team, motivates to cooperate. The team’s task is to collect as much energy as possible. The graphic displays a banknote or battery with the set amount of energy to create, e.g. 10 watt hours. With the production of energy, the banknote or battery fills up. After reaching a predetermined amount of energy, the system displays e.g. a company logo. At least two EnergyBike stations are needed to implement this scenario.



We offer the following fitness devices adapted to the production of electricity: spinning bikes, airbikes, ski trainers, oarsman. These devices can power the presented attraction.

Airbike workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07PxK2vrXGA



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