In our set, electricity needed to charge phones, laptops, and other mobile devices (tablets, cameras, power banks, portable game consoles, MP3 players, GPS receivers, watches, portable speakers, wireless headphones, etc.) is generated directly while pedaling on a bicycle.

What distinguishes this set from a similar one equipped with a charging station for phones is a 230V socket that allows charging a laptop and a larger desk where you can place a laptop while charging.

The convenient desk is mounted on the bicycle handlebars and equipped with a wireless (inductive) charger, a set of reinforced charging cables with popular connectors (older iPhone, newer iPhone, USB-C, micro USB, mini USB), 2 free USB ports, a display showing the currently generated power, and the total energy produced, a phone holder, a tablet stand, and a cup holder.

Under the desk, there is a handy shelf and a 230V socket for connecting a laptop.

With this set, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously, such as a laptop, phone, and camera. You can pedal to charge your laptop while watching a movie (e.g., Netflix) or listening to music (e.g., YouTube) on it.

There is an option for additional branding and painting of the frame and housing in any color from the RAL palette.

The set includes:

  • EnergyBike  with a generator
  • Desk for charging phones and laptops
  • Stabilizer and 230V converter
  • Wiring
  • Workspace area: approximately 0.75 m2.

Station capacity: approximately 30 people/h.


In our offer, we have the following fitness devices adapted to electricity production: spinning bikes, air bikes, ski trainers, rowing machines. These devices can power the presented attraction.





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