This is a system that allows you to measure the power generated by each EnergyBike.  It also sums the total amount of generated energy after a given time. All these parameters (power, amount of energy and time) are displayed on the TV screen. It is also possible to save this data, as well as the use of special cards that will identify individual users. The results from individual positions can also be added up. There is practically unlimited possibilities in organizing various types of competitions and tasks using our Eco-meter system. We can mobilize the group to work together and create a predetermined amount of energy – then, the energy from individual positions will be added up on a collective screen, and when users reach the goal, we can display the symbol on the screen, e.g. company logo. You can also organize contests in which people who achieve the best individual results will be awarded. Then the amount of energy generated by individual users will be important. Our system will also work well in fitness clubs. It can be used both at individual exercise stations and in the spinning room. Users can save their results on individual RFID cards and then log in via the website to the system, check their achievements. During group activities, a collective monitor indicating the amount of energy produced at individual positions will be a great motivating tool for intensive effort.


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